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Chris Larson, D.O Certified by the American
Board of Family Medicine

"Tired of having pills pushed at you instead of getting at the root of the problem?"

If so, then my medical philosophy will appeal to you and direct primary care allows for the time necessary to create an integrative treatment plan. You will then have the power to control your health issues and can, finally, feel better.

$100 certificate to use towards
labs at our office.

For new patients only.

Imagine a clinic that combines the affordability of Netflix, the accessibility of an urgent care, and more time with a doctor than you have ever experienced. This is direct primary care. For a flat monthly fee you get...

Different Approach

  • Integrative Philosophy
  • Osteopathic Treatments
  • Unhurried Visits
  • Personalized Healthcare


  • 24/7 Access to Physician
  • Email, Text, Telemedicine
  • Same Day or Next Day Appointments For Members


  • No Copay
  • Most Labs are $5-$10
  • Urgent Procedures are Free
  • Most in Clinic Labs are Free
  • Monthly Fee is Less Than Cell Phone Bill