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Enrollment Fee

Monthly Fee

0-19 y.o. $79 $39
20-39 y.o. $79 $69
40-59 y.o. $79 $79
60+ $79 $89
Family $109
Re-enrollment $199



    • Unlimited Visits– You can be seen as often as needed during our normal business hours. Visits can take place in the clinic, over the phone, or with a webcam visit.
    • Unlimited Communication– Feel free to contact the doctor by phone, email, text, or carrier pigeon.
    • Unlimited Procedures– Routine family medicine procedures are included. We can take care of lacerations, toe nail removal, incision and drainage (lancing) of an abscess, skin biopsy, EKG, etc.
    • Low Cost Labs– Most labs that would be required for a routine visit at a family medicine clinic are either $5 or $10 each. The labs for a routine physical are usually under $25.
    • Unlimited In Clinic Labs– Rapid strep test, urine analysis, blood sugar, mononucleosis, blood in stool and pregnancy test are included. The flu test is given at cost.
    • Same/Next Day Visits– We have set up the schedule so that we have time to see you urgently.
    • No Contract– Cancel your membership at any time without penalty.
    • No Copays– There is never an extra fee to see the doctor.
    • No Waiting– Skip the waiting room (it’s small for a reason). Our goal is to see you at the time your appointment is scheduled.