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I highly recommend Dr. Larson as a remarkably effective physician for treating joint pain and the associated causes.  I started seeing him several months ago when the pain in  my lower back, hip, leg and knee were practically unbearable.  I was unable to sleep through the night due to the pain.

Since that a first visit I have seen continued improvement in my overall health and sleep pain free most nights.  I continue to see him from time to time when things get out of alignment.  His kind manner and professionalism put him in the category of the “best of the best” in my opinion.

Linda T., Austin, TX, 7/11/13

My son, Ben, had a prominent flat spot in the back of his head. Ben had been using an orthotic (a helmet) to help his head shape properly and we were assured by our orthotist that, even with Ben’s late start, his head could shape normally. The limitations that exist with using a helmet, however, is that they are only made to a certain size circumference. Once Ben’s head grows to that circumference nothing more can be done with the helmet. I wouldn’t be concerned as much about Ben if he was a smaller than average or even average sized baby, but he has always measured high in circumference for his age group. Also if a baby is later getting started with a helmet there may be less improvement possible. Ben had seemingly the only two strikes against him that were afforded. My husband and I found out about cranial osteopathy as we were searching for more ways to help our son.

My family and I had just moved to San Antonio when we found Dr. Larson. He was very thorough in explaining how he hoped to help my son and then in executing that plan so far. Dr. Larson’s expertise in osteopathic treatment has done wonders for my son’s head shape. Ben’s head has rapidly improved and is miraculously ahead of schedule to stop use of his helmet. My husband and I were originally very concerned about Ben and wondered if we had started too late trying to help him. With each visit to Dr. Larson we are more and more amazed at our son’s progress in such a short amount of time and sure that he will have a normal head shape. We feel so fortunate to have found someone so skilled.

Thank you Dr. Larson. It is worth every mile we drive to your office in Austin to receive the help our son needs.

Christine E., San Antonio, TX, 6/8/13

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